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Valentino PP.jpg

Sep'22 - Hwasa featured on Valentino's account after she attended Valentino Pink PP Collection Global Launch event at Seoul Wave Art Center.

IG Valentino Beauty.jpg

Jun'22 - Hwasa featured on Valentino Beauty's account for a campaign in collaboration with Vogue Korea.

IG Ash.jpg

Mar'22 - Hwasa featured on Ash's account for a campaign together, ASH x HWASA collaborations.

IG TJ.jpg

Sep'21 - Hwasa featured on Tommy Jeans's account.


Mar'21 - Jessi posted her #WhatTypeofXChallenge with Hwasa.


Feb'21 - Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Officer at Burberry, posted Hwasa's photoshoot for W Korea (Feb Issue).


Jan'21 - Hwasa featured on D&G's account during the 2020 MBC Entertainment Awards.


Nov'20 - Shoutout post by Skoot Apparel.

Valentino Couture Show.jpg

Jul'22 - Hwasa featured on Valentino's account after she attended 'Valentino The Beginning' Haute Couture show in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna.

IG Fendi 2.jpg

May'22 - Hwasa featured on Fendi's account for the Fendance collection; Versace by Fendi line.

IG Fendi.jpg

Nov'21 - Hwasa featured on Fendi's account for the FENDI x SKIMS collection.

IG Valentino.jpg

Mar'22 - Hwasa featured on Valentino's account for the Valentino Garavani Box bag.



Feb'21 - Hwasa's photoshoot for Vogue (Feb Issue) reposted by Burberry.


Feb'21 - Hwasa featured on Valentino's account for her photoshoot for Vogue (Feb Issue).


Dec'20 - Hwasa featured on TommyJeans's account.


Mar'20 - Shoutout post by Dua Lipa with her collaboration with Hwasa.

Post Malone.jpeg

Jul'22 - Post Malone reposted Hwasa's 'I Like You' cover on his Facebook account.

Hwasa x Psy.jpg

May'22 - Hwasa x Psy - #ThatThat challenge

Kim Kardashian

Kim K.jpg

Oct'21 - Kim Kardashian reposted Hwasa's post wearing the new FENDI x SKIMS collection.

IG D&G.jpg

Mar'21 - Hwasa attended and was also featured for the D&G Flagship Store Grand Opening in Seoul.

Gentle Monster


Feb'21 - Gentle Monster reposted Hwasa's post when she attended the HAUS DOSAN opening in Seoul.

Ivy Park


Jan'21 - Ivy Park reposted on their Instagram story about Hwasa wearing their clothes.


Dec'20 - New muse for The Sims4.

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